Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Third time is a charm!

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray and the sky is gray. Well not really, but all the leaves keep changing though! 

Here is the first tree that all started in MVP's room (our now 2 1/2 year old son.) The leaves were a mixture of greens and blues.

When my daughter was born, the blue leaves came down and I added an assortment of pink leaves.  I also added that little bird house.

Over the weekend I found myself drooling over some pink and gray fabrics at the fabric store. So I decided it was time once again for the leaf revival. I purchased 6 fat quarters of pink and gray. I ironed each piece before beginning the leaf project, take 3.

I used some old scrap book paper as backing and sprayed Aleene's tacky spray on the paper and adhered the fabric.

I used one of the old leafs as a guide to trace new leaves onto the fabric. These don't have to be perfect because once you cut them out, they look fine.

This time around I thought it would be a good idea to use Mod Podge to seal the fabric and edges to the paper, so I wouldn't have fraying or humidity issues.

To apply the leaves to the wall, I used poster putty. This holds really nicely. Here is my daughter's tree all in bloom.

Here's a fun close-up shot so you can see the patterns on the fabric better.

In case you're wondering how I painted the tree, I painted it free-hand with brown craft paint. The birdhouse is from Michaels.

Budget Breakdown:
6 fat quarters of fabric -$1.99 each = $12. Purchased from Joann's.
Glue -Already had, but this runs about $6.99. Purchased from Joann's.
Scrap book paper or poster paper -already had, but usually runs $.50 per piece. Purchased from Michaels.
Brown acrylic paint already owned, but is about -$1.99. Purchased from Michaels.
Bird House -$2. Purchased from Michaels.

Total - $12.99

Makes me excited for Spring to arrive!


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