Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gray curtains for closet doors

Here's how things were looking in the bedroom, after I thought I was "done" with the bedroom. But once the gray and white headboard was made, it started feeling like I had to eliminate the browns and replace them with grays.  So down came these beautiful silk Pottery Barn curtains...

And up went dupoini silk gray curtains. I got these for a steal at TJ Maxx for just $19.99 for two. I figured that as much cheaper than me buying 5 years of fabric and making my won, which would have been at least $40 for a $7.99 fabric, which is hard to come by.

Our closet is already small, so curtains just made much more sense in terms of saving space. The door is now in our attic in case future owners want to add it back.  Here's what our closet looks like without curtains or a door.

We love the new color and it really goes with the new headboard and big gray mirror. Oh, and we hung a cafe curtain rod on the inside of the closet which we think makes for a much cleaner look than hanging it on the outside. To read more about the how to hang the rod, see this original post.

Little things like this make me so happy. They are easy and really help tie together the whole look. Has anyone else made a change like this to save space?


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