Friday, May 4, 2012

Art for the dining room

The 80's are back right? Or maybe I'm wrong. I dunno, and I don't care, I'm kinda liking the Jack Roberts painting now hanging in our dining room.  Who ever thought I'd like something with a gold frame and crazy modern paint strokes? I'm surprising myself lately at my decorating choices. I'm taking risks and hopefully it's all working.  This particular painting was a Goodwill find a few months back.  I was originally inspired by it after seeing MadebyGirl's home tour on her blog.  But it sat in our attic for a little while until I figured out what to do with it. At first I was going to sell it.  Then I was going to donate it to Jen Ramos. Then I decided that the wall in our dining room sat bare far too long after the picture that was there came crashing down.  Don't worry, this is hung on two big picture hooks with a wire. Totally stay-proof.  

I'm loving the colors in this painting. It's pulling together the blues and pinks in our house and the gold is a nice change from all the silver and metal.

Here is a view of our dining room from the living room. You can tell that the wall needed something. It's a big wall with just a stencil painted on it.

I'm hoping that someday down the road we can add two wall sconces that can flank either side of this piece and give it and the room some good illumination.

Yay for real art with a real frame at a fraction of the real cost.


p.s. Happy 6th birthday to my big boy today! May the 4th be with you always!!

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Sarni said...

It looks Great! Love the deep pinks and turquoise blues. Warms the room right up!

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