Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vintage Pink Nursery Dresser

Never took a before shot of the nursery dresser. Wish I had. But wanted to share the after photos of a dresser I painted a while back using Kitchen and Bath paint in pink.  The dresser is solid wood with dark brass hardware. I kept the hardware because I thought it looked great with the pink.

I loved the little bird decal when I saw it at Home Goods, so I put one right in the center drawer. This dresser is the perfect height  for a changing table. But later on, our daughter can put whatever she wants on top.  She could also put this dresser in her closet and use it for pajamas and underwear.

Here's a little close-up of the handles.   Overtime this dresser will get distressed on it's own, which is nice.

Here's a little look at the "changing area."  If you're a first time Mom making a nursery for your little one, consider adding shelving above the table so you can keep all of the baby products out of their reach. I find it extremely helpful to have all of my supplies at my reach instead of theirs.  Oh and do you see that water bottle? And the basket above the water bottle? We use regular bath wash clothes and water to wipe instead of expensive /chemical filled baby wipes. We also use Fuzzy Bunz to diaper our children. We have loved them very much.


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