Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hutch curtain

It's time for a little craft room bidness/organization/sewing things just for fun.  You see this old hutch stock full of craft items?

It's great and I love all the storage, but something made me want to conceal some of it.  All the visual clutter was sort of getting to me.   There's a little spot underneath the top overhang where I decided to add a little tension rod to hang a curtain. It was a great option that wouldn't require me to damage the original piece of furniture. This hutch was actually built by my grandfather and stained and sealed by my Grandmother.  Crazy huh?  I'm so lucky to have it in my house.

A while back I found this very modern but retro fabric remnant at Joann's Fabric for just $4.  It was a whole yard for 50% off.  The bottom fabric is leftover from the beanbag project. The yard of modern floral fabric just shy of not covering what I needed it to cover, so I sewed this gray and white fabric to fit around the tension rod.

When sewing anything, you always need your iron.  Here I am ironing down the edges to create my hem.

Then I ironed down the part that would be sewed together to make the rod loop.

More hem ironing going on.

Then I got busy sewing the seams/hem down.  This is pretty easy and anyone could do it.

And ta-da! A new "cafe style" curtain to provide some hidden storage in the hutch.  This fabric really looks orange and I'm just not sure if I am 100% sold on it.  But for now I'll keep it.  As I mentioned it was only $4 and it was fairly straightforward to make.

I like keeping them a little opened up, so you can still see the pretty Mason jars peeking through and all that wonderful ribbon.

I added the vintage style clock above the hutch, instead all all that clutter that was there before.  The round clock softens up the sharp lines of the hutch and the retro feels goes great with this throw-back retro fabric.

Here's a cute little close up for you so you can see the print better.

It's looking a lot more organized in here already.

I like the happy accident of the red berries in the print matching the red crayon/marker tin cans in the window seal. I love when things just happen like that.

Can you tell I'm having so much fun sewing things for my home now? It's such a great feeling to make custom things for pretty darn cheap.


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