Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Updated Metal Patio Chairs

Why is it that everything outdoors gets yucky over time? I guess in the South we have more rainfall than average so things outdoors can take a beating. These chairs live on our porch, where there is no overhead coverage, so as you can tell they have seen better days.  My Dad welded these chairs and even sewed the chair backs, so I was determined to save them.

Mold growing on the chair backs, not pretty. Nor did people want to sit in these chairs.

Here's a little close-up of the seat.  Some rust and chipped paint. They definitely needed some refreshing. 

So, I took both of the chairs and put them on the grass and gave them a good scrub down with some hot soapy water.  Once they were thoroughly dry, I put them on a drop cloth on the drive way and sprayed them with two coats of Rust O-leum's Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray paint. Oh and first I removed the chair pad. Here is the after photo.  

For the chair pad, I went to Joann's fabric store and purchased one yard of gray marine vinyl fabric. It came to about $8 on sale at 50% off. I also had to purchase about 1 1/2 yards of green leash fabric. Not sure exactly what it's called, but it's the same stuff they make dog leashes out of.  I got 4 green buttons and 4 white buttons and some heavy duty thread.  Then I measured the old seat back and cut out my vinyl fabric and sewed them trying to do a good job.  Still learning my way around the sewing machine.  I hand sewed the buttons on, boy did my fingers hurt after that!

Here's a close up again of the seat. Doesn't it look so much better than before?

Here are both chairs on the patio.  What the chairs need now are some seat cushions. Luckily I have two foam pads up in my attic that I can't wait to buy fabric for and get started on those. By summer time, we'll be wining and dining out here.

One last show of the back. Somehow this looks like a monster's face. Those two eyes peering out from the back. Maybe I spend too much time reading and thinking about monsters with two little boys in the house.

Hope you're having a great week!


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