Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gray Stripes on the wall

One of my posts last week showed some inspiration photos for Gray stripes on the wall. I jumped right on the idea because I loved it so much. I decided to paint them in my entry way/hallways because the walls were already white, so adding gray stripes would be the way to go. Here is my entry way as it looked before the stripes went up.

Here is the view looking at the collage wall in the entry way.

And another wall that will get stripes.

To get even and straight stripes on the wall I used a level and a pencil to evenly space my lines and draw them straight.  I marked 9.25" down from the ceiling to start and measured down the wall by this distance for all the stripes. I made sure each one was level before drawing my lines. If you wanted to get really creative, you could measure the total wall height and then divide up your stripes so you'd have an equal number of gray and white stripes.

Next I used painter's tape to outline everywhere I would paint.

Here's a tip. To make sure your paint doesn't run under the painter's tape, start painting in the middle of your section until most of the paint is off the brush then "dry brush" around the tape edges. Dry brushing means there is so little paint on your brush that nothing can bleed through the tape. This is a wall stenciling technique as well. This really ensures nice crisp lines.

I had to use two coats of paint to get the coverage I required. I immediately pulled off the tape after the second coat to reveal this.

I hung all the pictures back up and it's a nice surprise that the black hooks ended up in the white section making them "pop" more.

Here is what you see when you walk into our house.

This is standing in the living room looking down the hallway toward the front door.

This is a view from the kitchen. Some day we'll replace the boob light on the ceiling!

This is our hallway to the bedrooms but looking towards the front entrance.

I took down the black and white Damask curtains that hung in our front windows, because frankly they clashed with the walls.

I loving how the walls turned out. And another boob light to replace and curtains to pick out. The two sheers just aren't cutting it.

Here's a look over our dining room where we eat. I love that the gray stripes go with the stenciled wall, the gray light fixture, and the gray chairs.

These are my birthday roses. Pink and Gray =wonderful.

Here's one more BEFORE SHOT for you:

And the AFTER:

Have you tried stripes on your wall? It's super easy, but tedious. The results are awesome though.



Robyn @ said...

Love your bravery. It turned out great!

Peahen Pad said...

Thanks Robyn!

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