Tuesday, June 5, 2012

House colors

Well we've decided on our paint colors for our home! Oh did I not mention we were painting our house? My bad.  Well it's very exciting to know our house is getting a makeover!  We also found the coolest painter. His name is Tony.  He is also a neighbor which is pretty sweet.  We decided to hire a professional because we wanted this project completed within a reasonable time frame, as opposed to taking every night of our whole summer if we did it ourselves.  Plus we want it to look professional.  We think Tony is the guy for the job. We can't wait for him to get started. We just need our HOA to approve our house colors. We're keeping our fingers crossed!

Here is a photo of how our house looked about a year ago, but the color of the house remains the same. We have painted out our deck to a beige color with two tone white stripes down the steps. But this picture gives you the gist.

So drum roll please!  For the siding we are going with Sherwin Williams "Gray Clouds" seen here.

Sherwin-Williams - Gray Clouds SW7658 by Sherwin-Williams

For the deck, we chose Sherwin Williams "Thunder Gray" seen here for the top of the deck and top of the stairs, with a nice crisp white for the front of the stairs. This color reads a nice brown-gray and will hide the dirt nicely.

And here's the big shocker! For the front door we're going with Sherwin Williams "Confident Yellow" seen here.
Paint, Confident Yellow, SW6911 by Sherwin-Williams

We are making a big bold move here, but we think it's going to look awesome.  We are going to paint our door knob and knocker with oil rubbed bronze to really have them pop against the yellow. The shutters on our house will get some crisp white paint and the back doors will be the same color as the deck.  Like we said this is exciting, but also scary at the same time. We know Tony will do a great job, just nervous about such a bold color choice for the door. Tony has put me at ease that it's going to look cool, so I'm trusting his instinct as the professional.   

We'll keep you posted and up-to-date as the painting begins. Hopefully this will kick off mid-June.


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