Friday, June 1, 2012

Flea Market Find

We headed to the Raleigh Flea Market and GOT2BNC fair. It was a lot a fun seeing all the locals come out and enjoy some yummy fair food, rides, and games. Our kids loved seeing the big red tractors and tractor pulls.  The kids rode on a fun helicopter ride and we all enjoyed an ice cream cone. It was a nice little outing.   As for me I found this cute little bowl on our way out marked at just $1.   

It was already the perfect shade of teal. I love that it has a nice worn look to it. And it also serves as the perfect bowl to hold our remote controls.

On the bottom of the bowls is has some markings. I tried to figure out what they were and from I can tell it says "HA' FO LAAU Something something Monkey Pod. I really can't make out those two middle words.

From a little research I learned that Monkey Pod wood is popular and fast growing tree in tropical climates. This was probably made in Hawaii. Seems so fitting, since my husband grew up there.  Anyway, I'm glad I found a place to hold more clutter. :P

Have you found a good flea market bowl? Or other cool Flea Market find?


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