Monday, June 4, 2012

Turning 34

Turning 34 is really no big deal.  I definitely don't feel old or feel like I've missed anything. But it is a strange feeling being in my mid-thirties. Where did all the time go? 

For my birthday we celebrated by going out as a family to dinner and then we came home for cake and presents. Joe made the lovely cake and shaped the candles like 3 and 4. 

My Mom sent me this package. Somethings gonna be good when it says "From Grandma's house."

Inside were all sorts of fun vintage sewing notions and fabric. Here is a cute little vintage pin cushion.

Vintage sewing notions:

Here are all the vintage fabrics:

Some awesome paper plate holders that were originally .39 cents for the whole set!

Some lovely pink roses for my birthday.

A mesh food storage organizer from my Mom. Not sure how I'll use this yet but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

My Mom also got me this cool spice rack organizer.  Perfect for my spice cabinet. I couldn't wait to get it in there, so it was assembled on my birthday!

Some Indian Healing clay. This is stuff is awesome. I've used it three times so far and it really makes your skin feel tight.

Joe got me two nail polish colors -white and turquoise by Nicole for OPI.

A beautiful white acrylic and sterling silver ring from my sister Carrie. This is so cute on.

From my darling hubby who wants to see me succeed at sewing, "Stitch by Stitch. Learning to Sew, One project at a time" by Deborah Moebes. This book is proving to be good so far. Can't wait to get crackin' on some of the projects.

And last but not least, a gift from my in-laws. A very cute "Mellow World" pink ruffled over-the-shoulder purse stuffed with money! Gotta love that! LOL. I've already taken the bag out and it's super cute.

Well there it is in a nut-shell. My 34th birthday celebration. Thank you to everyone who made it special. And here's to a great year ahead.



Sarni said...

We hope you liked your peapod necklace too since you picked it out! Happy 34th year and many more to our darling daughter. oxoxoxoo

Peahen Pad said...

Yes, Mom- I forgot to take a photo of the lovely peapod necklace! I love it!!! Thank you notes are on their way.

Sarni said...

Love te new profile pic btw. When was that taken?

p.s. 34 is the new 29 :)
and they also say, "Life begins at 40!"

Sarni said...

My baby just turned THIRTY which means you will soon be THIRTY-FIVE. Which means if I remain THIRTY-NINE you will all soon surpass me!

Keep on bloggin'

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