Monday, June 25, 2012

Operation, clear the counters Part 2

We are on a roll! Cleaning up the kitchen counters feels so good.  Here again is a shot of our microwave when it was living on our counters.  You were probably wondering what we did with the phone since I didn't mention it before.  

Well it got relocated from the microwave to our cabinets above the counters. There was a little bit of a split in the cabinet near the edge so I able to feed all the cords from the phone and the chargers up there and plug them next to our sink outlet.  Do you see that we even have an old radio up there already? That's what gave me the idea in the first place. 

You may be wondering how we hear the phone ringing with closed cupboard doors. Well it turns out that having the volume on high is okay and we can still hear it. Besides nobody calls us anymore except telemarketers. Sigh.

And once more for you, an after shot of our counters. I'm really enjoying all this newfound space for food prep.

We hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! As for us, Joe spent most of the weekend installing a new back door. Can't wait to show you pics! 


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