Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Inspiration: Daughter's room

This is week 3 of my Interior Design course at the local community college.  Our class project is to partner with someone in the class and design a room for them.  We will be presenting our design during the final day of class.  I will be designing a French Boudoir as my partner likes to call it. In other words a French style bedroom for her. I'll keep you posted on what I come up with! As for the room I picked for my partner to design, I chose a little girl's room. Because eventually my daughter will grow and want a space that doesn't feel like a baby nursery.  I know she's still too little to choose what she wants, but if I could choose for her, here is how I would design her room.

I am SO in love with the gray painted dresser, the hot pink armoire and the FLOR carpet squares. I love the bright and graphic pops of pink and gold mixed with black and white. The carpet tiles are from Flor. This room is artful, creative, stunning, and gorgeous. I could definitely decorate my daughter's room like this...but I may want it for myself. :) All images are via A Little Glass Box.


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