Thursday, June 7, 2012

Charcoal Gray Curtains

My entry way finally has some new drapes, to replace those dark black and white damask drapes that hung before the stripes were painted.  The black and white wasn't working anymore. And frankly my first choice would have been to replace them with fresh and classic white drapes, but with three little kids constantly touching them, it would have driven me crazy. So when I spied these drapes from Target, I thought I would give them a spin. They are called Target Home Farrah Window panels in 84" x 54". The color says Black, but really they look Charcoal Gray. 
Target Home™ Farrah Window Panel
Ok in this pic they really do look black. It's so hard to take a photo of a window when all the light is shining behind them.  They give a bit of elegance though don't you think?

Now here's a better shot of the color. They sort of have a nice sheen about them.

Here's a long view looking down our hallway. I've since moved the sheers down to either end so they're not floating in the middle.

And a view down the other end of the hallway towards the front door.  Thank goodness to finally have some privacy again at night.  This was a simple little update that gives a big impact. And thank goodness for dark fabric that can withstand most fingerprints.


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