Friday, June 15, 2012

T.P. Holder

That's right folks. I like to share everything. Every last detail about our house. Including where we hang our toilet paper. Some people don't like toilet paper holders. They like toilet paper in a basket.  I guess I like everything to have it's own spot.  But this was getting to be an eye sore.

And since I painted the the whole bathroom cabinet, it was time for the ol' TP holder to come down. Out came our drill and screwdriver.

Say hello to the new and improved brushed chrome modern toilet paper holder from Home Goods.

For only $7.99 it was a great bargain and an instant update to our master bathroom. It's funny because at first I going to get an oil-rubbed bronze version to match the hardware but decided that I liked it to match the faucet and other details around the bathroom.

Here's a long shot for ya' so you get to see it in relation to more of the cabinets.  Me thinks it's a nice addition.  And just to be sure I never run out of toilet paper again I started stashing a whole row of toilet paper underneath my sink, which why I never thought of that before, I dunno. Or maybe it was because we just never had room under there before I organized it.



Sarni said...

Good job...guess I never noticed that original TP holder. It sure needed repalcement.

Robyn @ said...

Nice choice on the updated fixture. I noticed you have a "vintage" vanity just like the one in our main bathroom, except you can all the way to the back wall with ours (weird, right?). I was thinking about adding bun feet (the kind you use for couches and such) to the bottom to make it look more like a piece of furniture. Perhaps you might add two to the front of your vanity. Paint them the same new grey color as the vanity and it will look like they were always there. Just a thought. Robyn

Peahen Pad said...

I love that idea. I'll have to check out Lowes and Home Depot for bun feet. Thanks for the great idea! I'll keep you posted if I add some.

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