Wednesday, August 1, 2012

All girls have secrets

I bet that title caught your interest. :)  Don't worry it's nothing huge, but wait until you see the disaster that lies within this drawer.

Yeah it's bad. What is supposed to be my hair accessories, is more of big drawer of receipts. Overflowing proof that I have a shopping habit. Or a stash of pure laziness. I stash all my clothing purchases in here because frankly this drawer sits right next to my closet and it's so convenient to stash them in here. But it was becoming a nightmare to find a barrette or hair pin.

So I pulled everything out. I found lots of broken hair items, some definite items for the trash, and made a keep pile and a toss pile. 

And look what else I found. And old black and white photograph from my Dad' childhood in California. A little treasure and reminder that this was my Grandmother's vanity and she will live on in my heart.

When I took out the drawer liner I found this little face still glued to the bottom of the drawer. Kind of creepy. It was probably a newspaper that got stuck and all that remained was this face. I kept it attached. It's kind of a fun memento.

 And finally my drawer put back together.  :) Now I can find all my head bands, barrettes, clips, rubber bands and hair ties. Yay for organization.

I found this old wooden box up in the attic that worked perfectly split apart to hold regular plain bobby pins on the left and fancy bobby pins on the right.

Above that are my cloth head bands, mostly used while giving myself facials.

I also found this tin can that used to be a peanut brittle candy tin up in my attic that worked perfectly to hold a lot of my skinny head bands. I love finding a new use for old items.

Now there are no more secrets hiding in my drawers.  Just lovely hair accessories that I can easily find.  I love a simple organization project.


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