Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Painted door hardware

Finally getting around to showing you how easy it is to spray paint door hardware, saving you a lot of money if you want to change the look of your front door.  

Remove the hardware from your door (this can be done professionally or by someone with some know how.) I think it's pretty easy and can be removed with just a screw driver.   You want to wash your hardware with some grease remover or rubbing alcohol.  Once it's dried you can lightly sand it with some 220 grit sand paper.  Dust all the particles off with a dust cloth.  For spray paint, I chose Valspar's primer in gray and Rust-Oleum Metallic spray paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

I used a hard board to place the hardware on and found some objects to prop them up. Particularly the handle was very lopsided and I used a sunscreen tube to hold it up (it was the first thing I spotted when I realized I couldn't set the handle down or it would have scratched. Another tip for spray painting the lock is to put the key in the lock so spray paint doesn't go into the lock.  My little turtle insense burner got a coat of paint as well but gray turtles are cute too.

The hardware got 1 coat of primer and 3 light coats of the Oil Rubbed Bronze. Stay about 10" from the hardware when spraying and also keep the spray paint bottle moving so it doesn't drip.  Let it dry for at least 24 hours in between coats and several days after the final coat to cure nicely.  Once the hardware is reattached to the door it will continue curing, but use it gently for 30 days and no cleaning! Let that paint get nice and hard.

Here is my knocker. I love the way the dark color pops on the yellow door.

Here is the lock, looks so much better than the silver lock. 

And the lovely the handle.

Here is the lock and handle and a much truer looking yellow on the door.

Hope this helped if you were thinking about painting your door hardware.  Good luck!


Update -since this hardware was painted, it's been about 30 days and no scratching has occurred, so it's really standing the test of time. :)

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