Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fleece Toddler Comforter

When I saw this really cute aqua, brown and pink owl knit fabric at Joann's I thought it would make a great blanket for my sweet girl who's turning 2 in a few weeks.  Also, it will make a great gift for her birthday.  It was fairly simple to make as well. I'll tell you how below! 

For a toddler bed, which is the same size as a crib mattress, I used 2 yards of two different types of fabric.  For her blanket, I used an owl print in a soft knit and the white underside is a soft white polyester fabric.  I pre-treated my fabric in cold water using just table salt and no soap.  Of course once your fabric is dry you want to iron it to get any wrinkles out. Then I laid my fabric on the ground, right sides together and then pinned it around all the edges.

Then I made a straight stitch around all the sides with 1/2" hem, but left about a 10" opening on one side so that you can turn your blanket right side out. Once the blanket was turned right side out I hand sewed the opening shut with a needle and thread.

Next I wanted to make a top stitch around the outside edges with a pretty stitch, but lo and behold my blanket was too thick and the "tree stitch" kept jamming up the bobbin. So then I tried a zigzag stitch, same thing happened.  So I decided a simple straight stitch in a contrasting color was the way to go. I used a brown thread and made a top stitch all the way around.

And that was pretty much it! Here is the blanket folded over so you can see the contrast and the diamond print on the white fabric.

Even though my daughter won't get this blanket for another three weeks I wanted to show you what it will look like on her bed.  It goes so well with her owl pillow from Grandma and her Pottery barn owl sheet underneath.

She loves her stuffed animal basket beside her bed and every morning she has all of them in bed with her and is reading a story to them. :)  So precious I know.

I can't wait to see her face when she gets to try out this new blanket. I know it's going to make her cozy and happy.


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