Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hose storage

Ah, little things make a big difference in my opinion, especially when it comes to general organization. When I found myself constantly tripping over the hose in the backyard and it constantly strewn about I knew it was time to fix it.  So when I was out and about I picked up this hose holder at Lowes for under $5. It was originally green, which was no good in my opinion. It would have clashed with the house and brick. 

I gave it a good sanding and sprayed it with primer and three light coats of Rust-Oleum's metallic spray paint in Oil Rubbed bronze.  I let it cure for about 3 weeks out on the porch before hanging it up.

This is where Joe came in and used a drill to make two pilot holes in the brick. It took a lot of patience and persistence to get the holes into the brick.  I wouldn't have known better and probably would have tried putting the holes in the mortar, but Joe knew better I guess.

He used two anchors and screws to hold it in. It feels pretty stable and is level with the faucet which is great.

And now the mulch is free of hose. And I am happy. And can you see our crawl space door? It got a nice coat of Thunder Gray by Sherwin Williams.  We love it.


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