Friday, August 3, 2012

My how your garden grows

Wanted to give you a little update on how our garden is doing since we made this trellis back in the spring. 

Can't believe how big our tomatoes, lemon cucumber, and pepper have grown!  We have the drip system on the ground which really helped this year. It's cut down a lot on pests in the garden like white flies. Happy to report no bugs have been seen this year except the good kind like butterflies and bees.

Here's a front view when we first made the trellis and had just a few lettuce heads planted.

In the mix of tomatoes, lemon cucumber, and peppers we also have carrots and beets growing in the ground. To the far left we have pumpkins, cilantro, and chives growing. We translated our rosemary to the front hill.

Here was our little container pot with a few basil plants in the spring. We knew they'd do well here since this spot gets lots of sunlight.

Here are the basil plants as of today. It's been wonderful having fresh basil to put in our Italian food.

How is your garden growing? Have you gotten lots of tomatoes yet? Happy Growing.


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