Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 1 of Photography

 The Self Portrait.  That was my homework assignment for my Beginner's Photography class (week 1.)  I didn't even attend the first class, due to a mistake about scheduling. I did however attend the 1st day of the advance class. Oh well.  The teacher, Mr. Mike Dellerman, professional photographer asked that we take a self-portrait this week.  We need to bring in a print tonight for Monday's class.   The three shots below were the best of the bunch. All taken with a self-timer on a tripod and reflecting some aspect of my personality. I chose to sit on the steps of my beloved first house that we've put so much hard work into and I chose to wear my painting clothes with a brush in my hand.  This is me during most all of my DIY projects.  The first pic makes me look very worn out, Oh my god am I. LOL. These photos were NOT cropped or Photo shopped.

Here's the same pose with a softer face.

The last one with a different body angle, more relaxed maybe.

Which is your favorite?  These were all taken with no lesson so I really do hope that each week my photos get better and better.   I'll share them each week with you. Aren't you excited?


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Sarni said...

The first picture seems to be the truer you. Such a beauty. There will be no "bad" photos of you :)

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