Monday, August 6, 2012

House numbers

Ah, pizza delivery guys can finally find us. And random appraisers that really meant to appraise our neighbor's house. In North Carolina, or at least in our neighborhood they put all the mail boxes on the same side of the street. So we have two mailboxes in our yard. It gets confusing for people who drive by and see two house numbers.  So putting house numbers on our house made lots of sense.  I purchased four black numbers from Lowes for around $1.50 each.  

I simply used a screwdriver and lots of muscle and eye-balled the location to screw in the numbers. Luckily they came out straight and even. Wew!

My sad little hanging white petunias could use replacing. I think it's time.  One sad little lonely flower. haha.  But I'm glad I chose black numbers to coordinate with our hanging plant holder, our front porch light, and our new hardware on the door. Plus every house needs a little black, just like every interior needs a little black.

Our pink porch petunias are still doing well.  They get a lot more sunlight on the porch then the hanging basket. Maybe I should try for some shady plants in the hanging pot that coordinate with the yellow door. Perhaps something purple. I'll have to research that.

This little project has been really useful and it was fun to add a little something to our house. Total cost was around $6. I can't remember for sure since I threw away the receipt. Have you added house numbers to your house? There are some pretty cool shapes out there and you can get really fancy house plates if you're patient enough to order one.  


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