Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween decorations

It's starting to look at lot like Halloween...Halloween...Halloween (Nightmare Before Christmas lyrics playing in my head.) Here are a few of the ways we decorate here at the PeaHen Pad.

Our front door:

When you walk in you're greeted with the lovely scent of orange and clove:

Here is our home made mummy on the front porch:

Inside on our ledge separating the dining room from the living you'll find our shrunken apple heads the kids made:

I cheated and bought this vintage postcard banner from Home Goods and it hangs over our kitchen sink:

Here is our fireplace mantel in the living room. More on the mirror makeover later:

We cut these window bats out of construction paper and used double sided tape:

Our entry way collage also seen here:

Halloween count down calendar in our "craft room" with two pin boards on either side displaying our favorite Halloween cards mailed to us over the years:

No Halloween is complete without a little tribute to Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas in our hallway bathroom:

One view of some of our home made gravestones:

I'll post more pics after our Halloween Neighborhood potluck so you can see how to do it up right here at the PeaHen Pad for the holidays.


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