Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Girl's dress up station

With all of the spooky posts lately I thought I would add a pretty one in here now. I made this dress up station for my daughter.

One day while purusing my local Habitat for Humanity restore (I sometimes like to wander through there for inspiration for my next project) I was suddenly caught in the furniture aisle with an "ah-ha" moment (an Oprah reference) staring at an old discarded entertainment center. I looked at it and it was in perfect condition. The wood was strong and durable (solid oak,) no nicks, everything was in-tact. I thought to myself "this would make an awesome dress-up/play storage unit for my daughter's room." It also had a "sale" sticker on it marked down from $75 to $50. I quickly headed to the counter to fetch a "reserved" sticker to place on it and quickly figured out how I would get it home. Some lovely gentlemen put it on a dolly, while I paid for it and then I brought the van around to the back of the store. It's so good to finally own a car that let's me transport huge items. I put my seats down and the guys loaded it in.

Here is what it looked like when it got home and sat on the back deck. (Yes that's snow on the ground if you were wondering. This was in January.


Here is a close up of the top drawer. The vintage glass handles came from ebay and were about $6 each.

I added a tension rod to the inside of the big area that was about $12 from Amazon.com. E.claire (my daughter) can add all of her dress-up clothes here.

Side view with decals (from Home Goods.)

Inside of the top drawer that I lined with pretty paper.

Here is the breakdown of supplies and cost needed for this project:
Sandpaper (already owned)
Oil-based primer (Already owned)
Interior latex paint of your choice (I used left over paint from my son's room)
Quality brushes (Already owned)
4 handles - $24
Paper for drawer liner - $3
Tension rod - $12
Decals - $9.99
Entertainment center - $50

Total cost of project - $99

This is a bit more than I usually spend on a project. But I'm pretty sure this would cost a lot more if you bought it from a furniture store. Hope you enjoyed this makeover!


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