Friday, October 28, 2011

I just wanted a clean bathroom

So my only intent tonight (Wednesday) was to disinfect and clean our hallway/guest bathroom. Then it turned into something WAY more. After scrubbing the toilet, scrubbing the counters, floors, mirror, blah blah I looked at our cabinets and realized they could use another coat of paint. You see, a LONG time ago we had one of those wooden kid stools that our kids could climb up on to wash their hands. Every time that thing got pushed up against our cabinet it left paint marks. After a while there was a big tan splotch of paint across one of them. That thing went into the attic as soon as my 2 year old slipped off of it hitting his chin on the way down and put his tooth through his lower lip. So like the crazy woman I am, I checked our paint cabinet and we were well stocked with white semi-gloss interior latex paint so I grabbed a can and a brush. I had already washed down the cabinets.  So I went to work undoing all the hardware and giving them a nice once over with the paint.

Close up!

Then I looked at the door. OH Gosh, that needed painting too. So that got a coat of paint also.  I seriously have issues.  Besides it seems to be counter productive to be cleaning and painting when Halloween is just around the corner. Isn't my house supposed to look gross and scary?  Well I guess I can dim the lights so everything doesn't seem as clean and freshly painted as it really is. Muah haha

On a related note to the hallway bathroom, while I was cleaning it, I thought that it's high time we framed out the mirror in there. We're no stranger to framing out mirrors (more on that later) so I headed to Lowes Thursday morning and found some pine trim on sale for $5 for a 7' piece. I bought two of them.  I'll be working on that project this weekend, along with a myriad of Halloween preparations for the PARTAY on Sunday at the Pearson Purgatory. We decided a long time ago that buying two mirrors would look nice since we have double sinks in there, but the way the mirrors would line up, they wouldn't be directly over the sinks and it would look awkward. So having one large mirror suits this space better. And I'll be happy to see those plastic mirror holders covered up.  Not sure yet what color I'll paint the frame. I'm leaning towards ORB, because a white frame would get eaten up against the light colored walls. What do you think?

Have you started a cleaning project that went way beyond what you had in mind? Did things spiral out of control into an organizational hay day? It always seems to happen to me, even if I only have a mere 20 minutes before one of my favorite television show starts and I still need to shower! 


pssst. UPDATE - The 7' pieces of trim ended up being too short, so now I have to go back to Lowes to exchange them for 8' pieces. You know the story. One project takes at least 3 trips to the hardware store. I never learn. Measure twice, cut once. 

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Could stop by for a day or two with your cleaning supplies?


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