Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It's not Halloween unless we're listening to spooky music, have a fog machine, and throw a party.  The Possessed Pearsons threw it down at the Pearson Purgatory last night and invited of our neighbors. We had 22 adults and 14 kids.  Before the party we decorated with garland, lots of spider webs, and lots of Halloween themed decorations.

We played classic horror themed songs, 80's classic new wave halloween songs, and of course Thriller. It was a pot luck, and people brought yummy food. We had mac and cheese, salad, pizza, chips and dip, pasta (fingers included!) salad, fruit, and veggies. For dessert I made a graveyard cake:

and ghost short bread cookies:

We changed all of our light bulbs to colored lights. In the dining room we had green lights and in the kitchen we had red lights.  See the ghosts? Those are cheese cloth ghosts hung from fishing wire.

I made an autumn punch that included several types of juices and RUM optional! We also served Bloody Mary's and screwdrivers. We added dry ice to that glass juice container to make a bubbling effect.

Here is CAP dressed as a Ninja and MVP dressed as a little Ninja:

 I am a dragon Geisha!

Here are muno, Jessy, and Woody from Toy Story.

Here's our neighbor Jeff showing MVP a few moves.

The kids enjoyed playing both inside and out.  For activities Joe made a science lab of touch and feel things. We had "ogre brains," "witch eyes," "rat intestines," and "maggots."  The kids enjoyed putting their hands in and feeling.  I also had two big pumpkin cardboard cut outs outside for a bean bag toss. Some of the kids enjoyed playing with this.  When it finally got dark outside, some of the kids grabbed flash lights and wandered around the back yard playing a monster game. They were all screaming and running around like they were being chased.

We had a great party.  We hope you had a great Pre Halloween weekend too.


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Sarni said...

You ghoulish PeaHens are frightening in your pursuit of Pearson Purgatory! LOL - you deserve a Prize. Fog machine , huh. Dad SO Wanted one of those. HaHa - maybe the HENS ARE processed.

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