Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY door window curtain

When we first moved in all of our windows were covered with plastic white mini blinds. Let's just say they weren't really our thing. They were perfect for the bathroom since they don't get moldy and they are relatively easy to clean, but the rest of our house got window treatments in the form of curtains or wood blinds. I'll go into detail on that one later.  Here's our back door window. We bought a simple cafe rod that was under $5 at Target and drilled holes on either side to attach the brackets. I used this fabric from a left over project (more on that later too.)  But it's outdoor fabric I bought online at fabric.com.  Let me tell you that I have absolutely no sewing skills what-so-ever, only sewing buttons back on shirts by hand.  I really wanted a curtain made out of this fabric, so I got out a needle and thread and tried my hand at stitching the edges shut.  I simple cut out enough fabric to cover the window and started sewing around the edges. For the loop at the top I just sewed a hole big enough for the rod. And voila! Easy curtain.  Oh and that tie is my grandmother's vintage leopard print scarf. Adds a hint of glamour don't you think. Oh and Nate Berkus says animal prints are back in style for the home. Do they ever really go out of style?

We hardly ever keep our curtain in this untied position, but here is what it looks like when we don't want peeping toms in our backyard.  It's not as pretty when it's down as you can see because this fabric wrinkles. You can probably use polyester fabric to prevent this.

Hope you enjoyed this mini window makeover!


Robyn @ ItsRobyn.com said...

This window treatment is so cute! I love the mix of bold stripes and animal print. I found you during a google search on a completely unrelated subject. What a happy accident! Robyn

Peahen Pad said...

Thanks Robyn! It's so fun using vintage scarves for all kinds of things.

John Williams said...

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