Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall fun on the farm

We spent Saturday morning at Green Level Gourd Farm in Cary. It was about 25 minutes away and a lovely drive.  We were pleasantly surprised when we got there because it had more to do than we thought. They had a corn maze (CAP loved this!,) animals, pumpkins, a hay ride that was quite fun for the kids, face painting, and a huge play area for the kids. This is a family-run farm and was authentic.  We'll definitely make this a family tradition (for as long as we're here!)

Here are the boys in front of the corn maze:

A lovely old red barn:

This is right outside the red barn and E.claire is wondering who those two guys are behind them!

This looks Tim Burton-ish. I could try making something similar for next year.

Me with all my little ghouls on the hay ride.

It was a gorgeous fall day. The trees are starting to change color and the sky was really blue.

This is the house of the farm owners. It was all decked out for Halloween.

These photo booths really cracked me up. At first MVP (the child on the far left) put his head through the front of the hole. We had to explain several times to stand behind it and look through.

Another awesome photo-op.

My baby cakes looking right at home on the farm in those overalls.

What have you all been up to this Fall? Any special trips to the pumpkin patch? Any good farms around your area?  We hope to get back to this farm again soon. The kids had such a blast.


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Sarni said...

Baby Cakes! That was your name too!
Looks like a fun fall tradition for the munchkins and ma&pa !

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