Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ghost lady

Is that a ghost in our yard or ???  This is seriously awesome when you're walking past our house.
Some people say they had to do a double take.  From the corner of your eye you see a ghost lady walking about in our yard. And from further inspection, it really does look like a ghost (especially at night) when all you see is the outline of her body hovering above the earth behind the bushes.

Here are the details on our first attempt:
My husband made it himself, so he put on a long-sleeved shirt and pants, safety glasses and work gloves. He then wrapped chicken wire around himself as tightly as he could, to make a column (think paper towel cardboard tube). He then wiggled himself out and connected the edges of the chicken wire by clipping the wire edge every 8 inches or so and twisting it into the ring of the next coil. After forming the column, he then went to work shaping it to have a vaguely human form (female head with a nose and a hair bun, crossed arms, and hips.)
Next time we make one of these, Joe will have me wrap him, as he said wrapping himself was really difficult.  Then we will place them in the woods and giggle like schoolgirls.

Here is a close up in the dark (from the street view she is just an outline at night.)

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Sarni said...

You two okay? LOL.
NC ghost stories must be growing on you!!!

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