Saturday, October 15, 2011

$5 hear me holla

There is nothing quite like heading to the coffee shop to pick up a hot coffee and then heading to the local library (sans kids) on a crisp Autumn morning. Today was a special day at the library called "Friends of the Library" book sale. They have this event three times a year and sell all of the hard back books for $1 and soft cover books for $.50. Along with some books for the kids, I picked up some design books for me. yay! I got Building your Business with Google, Creating your Dream Bathroom, Country Interiors, Ty's Trick's, and The Renovated Home. This last one I'm most excited about. These should keep me busy for a while. And even if they are outdated a little, I still find inspiration and good lessons from the pros.

Here is a link to the event

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