Monday, October 17, 2011

Trash bag yard spider

We are a little kooky (and cheap) so we like to make our own Halloween decorations. This year we've busted out the black trash bags (also known as yard waste bags in case your city doesn't have yard waste bins,) some black masking tape, some sticks that have fallen from our trees, and some leaves. Yes I have the husband that makes a gargantuan spider in the street with his shirt off.

This one is pretty simple. For the body, fill one bag to the brim and tie shut. For the head, fill a second bag about half-full. Shape the body and head to your liking, then use duct tape to keep the bags in that shape. Use long, straight branches for the legs; the longer the legs are, the spookier the spider will be. Either wrap each branch in black duct tape, or put the branch in a black bag and secure the bag to the branch by wrapping with duct tape. Each leg has an upper and lower half, joined with additional duct tape. Dig relatively deep holes in the ground for each leg (eight legs, four on each side), insert each leg, and tamp down the dirt. Place the body behind the legs, and the head on top of the legs (so it looks like the legs are coming out of the head/cephalothorax). For some flair, add eyes, fangs, painted stripes on the body, etc. The eyes can be used out of anything round that's red, green, or white. Our favorite is using lime green craft balls since they "glow" at night.
Materials needed:
10 large black trash bags
1 roll black duct tape
yard waste (no branches or pinecones or anything else that will rip through the bags)
16 branches, 3-5 feet each (clip off side branches)
cotton balls or similar for eyes, glue.

Now watch all the moms and kiddies stop at your house and stare.


starbella said...

omg, that freaks me out! so i guess it's a success... :)

Sarni said...

omg is Right! I wonder if the tricker-treaters will stand at the curb and decide to pass? LOL

Peahen Pad said...

haha, glad you guys like it.

Anonymous said...

you guys should make something big and colorfull put of duct tape and put step by step how you did it.... please and thank you...............

Peahen Pad said...

Duct tape projects would be fun! We'll start thinking of something fun! Thanks for the idea.

Tantra Flower said...

I came across your blog while searching for ideas for Halloween spiders. Tree branches: what an awesome idea! And lawd knows, we've got plenty of them. Thank you! :-)

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