Friday, March 2, 2012

Fabric Covered Mason Jar lids

Remember those .25 cent Mason jars I found for craft storage? Well I couldn't just leave them alone. No. I had to spruce them up a bit. With some left over fabric from my shadow box project  I got to work creating these covers for the lids.

First I traced around the lids onto the fabric. Don't worry about pen marks because they will be hidden by the rim of the lid.

Next I cut out my circle with scissors.

Then I used mod podge to coat the top of the lid and my hot glue gun to make a ring around the edge. I applied my fabric to the top of the lid. Then I added more Mod Podge to the top of the fabric.  I put one ring of hot glue on the inside of the outer ring of the lid and then pressed the inner ring inside.

It turns out I had eight of the larger size openings and four of the smaller size opening jars so I used a pink fabric for the smaller jars to give them more interest.

Here they are again in the shelf, and you can't really see the lids. Darn.

But if I do this then voila! Lids on display.

I'll experiment to see which display I like best.  I think they are so sweet. :)


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