Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ikea Expedit preview

I mentioned last week that we went to Ikea.  YUP -we drove 5 hours round trip with the whole family to get some very special Expedit bookcases and a few other things.  I've been dreaming up fun ideas for TV storage and had this big elaborate plan to use Billy Bookcases from Ikea but when we got there, Joe wasn't sure if they would work, so he devised a plan that would work with Expedit bookcases.  Well just to let you know, after they were built and put up, I wanted to stick to my original plan. But we're not able to drive back to Ikea so I found something else that will work for our under TV storage.  

But we did find another use for our Expedit bookcases.  Here's our sweet little helper helping build our 2 x 4 bookcase.

He loves helping..and he's actually good! He got to stay up a little bit late to help us!

Here's the 2 x 4 built...it was pretty straight forward from the directions included.

Here's another one of our little helpers making sure everything is level, well at least her teeth are level.

Here's the bookcase all built, showing you just the top cube. We got these fun little photo boxes for storing  photos. They were pretty simple to make as well.

We decided to put the two 1 x 5 Expedit bookcases next to each other to the left of our big picture window. We sold the brown stenciled bookcase on craigslist. Joe mounted both of these to wall with the mounts that came with each bookcase. We love all the storage that these babies provide.

Here's one more view from straight on. We love that they hold big scrap book albums, records, big bins, binders, etc.  We love that they are white and give a very refreshed feeling to the room.

I'll have the other expedit bookcase in another post for you later.


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