Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mail box

Uh can anyway say it's time for a new mailbox? Yeah, when the door of your mailbox completely falls off it's definitely time.

Joe ripped that baby out leaving these two rotting looking pieces of wood.

Yep, there was a bird nest under there.  Luckily there were no eggs and no sign that the birds were using it, so we cleaned it out.

Here's a full view of our mail box, with overgrown plant above it and weeds/dirt below it. We definitely needed to spruce it up a bit including replacing the mail box.


So we headed to Lowes of course to buy a new one. There are strict rules in our neighborhood association that state we have to have the big black mail box and we have to paint our post with a certain color.  So we picked up a new mail box for around $30 and two square planks of wood. Joe screwed the two support pieces to the post.

Then he put the mail box on top.

I planted some purple petunias around the perimeter of the enclosed mail box area to give it some winter color.  We're hoping they fill in a little before winter ends.


Here's a cute close-up of the petunia.

I'm hoping this spring we can plant more flowers up by the mailbox and give you a better "after" shot. Are you excited about spring like we are? There are signs up spring popping up everywhere. From our tulips to our hyacinths, signs of springs rebirth are here.  


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