Monday, March 26, 2012

Laundry Area Organization

UGH. That's all I have to say about this.

Our laundry "closet" was looking disheveled and seriously needed some TLC. And since we were already painting the living room, it was a good time to take everything out and organize it a bit. This became a place to store fireplace tools, old paint cans, light bulbs, backyard muddy shoes, even our blown up baby raft!   Maybe it was time to deflate that thing, eh? 

Here's another shot with the washing machine and dryer removed.  I took everything on those shelves out and began priming the wood ledge and the wood trim around the floor, since that had never been painted before.   After the primer was on, I began cutting in around the edges with my edge brush and then used a foam roller to paint the walls (we used the same color as the living room, Dolphin Fin by Behr.) I also painted that wood ledge with paint to blend it in.  

Once all the paint dried I began sorting everything. Old paint cans were put into our storage closet outside. Old fireplace tools were put into the attic (we had two sets, so one stayed out.)  I only purchased one new basket to store shoes and helmets in.

Doesn't it look better? I added all of the light bulbs to that basket on the upper left and put all the loose spray paint cans in that white box on the top left. On the right top there are now only two cans of important paint that we use frequently and that is primer and white high gloss paint for the trim.  I removed the paper towels from the plastic and lined them up.

Now this is a laundry closet I feel good about opening up! It's the simple fixes that really do make a big difference.


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