Monday, March 5, 2012

Spice cabinet organization

Remember when I mentioned I was on an organizational frenzy in my house? Well I couldn't help but noticed how every time I opened my spice cabinet something would fall on my head. It was high time I cleaned this baby out. 

I threw out all the old expired spices.  I consolidated certain items. I put all of my sprinkles in a clear vase. Cute huh? 

My cupcake holders were stacked in a mason jar. My flavors were put in a green case. Behind this stuff is all my baking stuff. I found an old square vase to put my big sprinkle bottles and my gel pens.

Doesn't this bottom shelf look much better? At some point I may invest in one of those round double layer rotating spice shelves. That may help too. But for now, I think this is okay. Much better than before.

And here's our child proof medicine storage. We bought a clear plastic bin and consolidated every type of medicine in the house. It's on the upper shelf out of the kid's reach. Our kids know it's up there so it's not a mystery. We have also trained them that it's dangerous to consume medicine without a parent's guidance. We do not keep medicine in our bathrooms or cleaning supplies down low for that matter either. We are a cautious bunch.

I'm ready for spring now! What can I clean/organize next?


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