Friday, March 9, 2012

Painting the living room

Once all the primer dried (24 hours) we got to work painting.  It took two nights total. On the first night I cut in around all the edges (I had serious claw-hand at that point) and then rolled on the first coat with a roller brush.  It definitely needed two coats. So the next night we rolled on a second coat.  We used "Dolphin Fin" by Behr colored matched to Olympic's No VOC Satin paint if you haven't been reading the earlier posts.

Here is what the color looks like at night. We'll have to photograph it in some glorious sun-light, once it comes out. It has been cloudy here lately.

This is the window to the left of the fireplace and we covered the big window with a sheet so we could paint at night and not get paint on our fancy-schmancy silk curtains.

Here is looking at our back door.

This is our window to the right of the fireplace. There's a weird reflection going on from the window.

I love what a "true gray" it is, with no purple, blue, or beige undertones.  

Once all the paint dried, Joe got to work caulking around the ceiling trim. He had to caulk mostly above the trim where it met up with the ceiling.  

He used his finger to smooth it out. Although this gets messy, it really does the trick. And looking back, the caulking really should have been done before the painting, since I had to go back and touch up the paint.

We are really liking how the living room color turned out.  So much brighter than this:

Have a great weekend everyone!


p.s. we'll be sharing our fun goodies we picked up from Ikea next week!

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Sarni said...

Lots of work. Lots of reward. This new color looks great.

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