Monday, April 16, 2012

The Easter Bunny Loves Me

I heart the Easter Bunny, especially when he brings me things like Jonathan Adler's "On Happy Chic Colors." It doesn't hurt that there was also nail polish in my favorite color and a little cash. :) The nail  polish is by OPI called "Break a Leg Warmer." There were also the usual basket things like candy and chocolate. I'd say the perfect Easter Basket.   

A little visitor came to see us from 2 doors down, a little Boston Terrier named "Bella." Isn't she cute? We also had her big Human sister come for an Easter egg hunt with our kiddos.  It was a lovely day.

Let's get back to my Easter Basket.  I'm now wearing my new nail polish, indulging in chocolate, and reading my new book.  And I have to say, sorry Joe, I'm in love with another boy.  And his name is Jonathan Adler. 

And here's one example of why. Look at this gorgeous room!  These next images were all found in the book. Can't you picture me in this room eating my chocolate?

Pink with Black and White -JA

I'd love to glide up these yellow stairs every night to retire to my bedroom (after shopping at Prada of course.)

Yellow stair carpet -JA

Green is the main color in this room. Repeating the patterns in the ceiling shade and chairs is a good idea. I'd love to paint our door frames a shiny black to pop against all the white trim.

JA -Green Dining Room

Teal + Yellow = Perfection. This is room is gorgeous! I could sit here and sip wine every night.

Jonathan Adler Yellow and Teal

Pure Heaven. That black and white chevron rug is just stunning as the anchor for this room. The main colors being blue work well with the black and white. I could get comfy on that blue tufted ottoman.

Liz Lange-Country Residence JA

Jonathan Adler designed these next two room for Barbie's dream home (if she were life size.) Look at that Barbie medallion above the fireplace.

Barbie Malibu Dream House -JA

Barbie Malibu Dream House -JA

If you'd like to pick yourself up a copy of Jonathan Adler's book, which I suggest you do, you can find it here.

Happy Reading.


P.S. And a big Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet boy MVP today! We'll be getting our Lightening McQueen cake on tonight.

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