Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Decor at PeaHen Pad

We love all things "Holiday" related here at the PeaHen Pad.  So much so, we sometimes OD on holiday cheer.  Here's my almost 6 year old looking in on his Easter egg dying.

He dyed all 2.5 dozen of them. They turned out pretty. But he wasn't quite done with them.

Yup, he made them Monster eggs. Guess our love for Halloween transcends other holidays here.  These three represent him in the middle, his little brother on the left and his sister on the right. He loves his siblings!

Now for a little glimpse around the pad.  Getting our Easter decorations on. Here is our mantel with the usual apothecary jars, but we've added a natural potpourri in one of them and shiny glittery Easter eggs in the other one.  One still remains empty as I wasn't sure what to add. I'm thinking I need to add some natural moss with some robin eggs.

Here's a view looking down the other end of the mantel. We found the brown bunny heads on candle sticks from Anthropologie last year on sale.

Here's a close-up of the bright glittery eggs.

This is called the "Runny Bunny" from Urban Outfitters a few years ago. They are a limited edition numbered ceramic.

Runny Bunny's friend, the Poodle, also from Urban Outfitters.

I love love love these bright pink flowers from Lowes.  I put them in my triffle glass as a centerpiece with my bunny candy dish and my little creamer white ceramic animals.

I found this bunny at Home Goods a few years ago and he's sitting between our dining room and living room so we can see him on both sides.

In our hallway bath, I added this 4-egg hanging decoration to a vintage vase and added the little home-made hand towel bunny that my Aunt made a long time ago. I thought it was fitting for him to hang out in our bathroom.

Outside we have some plastic Easter eggs hanging from the bush right next to our front steps.

Our little Easter Egg welcome sign greets you as you reach the front steps.

When you get up the steps this little bunny greets you in one of our flower pots.

Back on the inside, we have a collection of figurines from the show "Peter Cottontail" that aired in the 70's. We got these from Tower Records about 12 years ago.

And finally an Easter Egg candle on our ledge.

Hope you enjoyed this little look into our Easter decorated home!  Hope you all have a very happy Easter weekend and a lovely Spring break.


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Sarni said...

God Bless and Happy Easter to all my PeaHen Bunnies. OXOXOXOXOX. Hey CAP; Great job with those egg decorations!

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