Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Triangle Bunting Banner

It's always fun and so much more personal to make birthday decorations for your little ones, instead of buying them from the store.  Plus if you make them well they can last for years of birthday fun.  

For each of my three children, I made triangle shaped birthday bunting name banners to hang from the mantle for several days before and several days after their birthday. I hope it makes them feel very special to have their name in big letters across the fireplace.

To start, I just grabbed enough scrap book paper for each of the letters in their name, a paint brush, pencil, acrylic craft paint, scissors, a ruler, and a cup for holding the paint.

For my son's name, I cut out 7 triangles using the pencil and ruler. This would be a great time to use a compass if you own one to make perfect triangles. I don't own a compass so I just "eye-balled" my lines.

I drew free-hand letters with my pencil and then outlined them with my paint.  You could be fancy and use a printer to make your letters, but as my husband likes to say, this give it a shabby-chic hand made quality. Once they dried, I just popped into the local mailing store to have them laminated. Truth be told, laminating is not really cheap. In total I spent $16 to have these done. But I figure it will probably last until at least their 18th birthdays (fingers crossed.)

To hang it up, you can make two slits on the upper corners of your triangles and string a ribbon through it.

Here's a cute close-up for you.

This one covers the whole mantle! You could make smaller size triangles if you have a really long name, or even bigger ones for a shorter name.

Hope this inspires you to create something home made for your child's next birthday.


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