Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Garden Trellis

Every summer we decide to grow our own veggies. Last year we were pretty successful at growing tomatoes and lemon cucumber. Last year though we noticed that the lemon cucumber got really tall but only as tall as the stakes we used. We think they could have grown several feet taller and produced more veggies. So this year we decided to give it a go on building our own trellis. 

Here is our raised bed veggie garden in our front yard. It's an okay size, but really only gets sun on the right side because our trees shade out the left side.  So we went ahead and decided to build our trellis on the right side utilizing the sunniest area.  This is Joe laying out the pieces to decide where to put it.

We got "stud" pieces from Lowes for just under $2 a piece. We cut to about 6 feet in length. We spray painted them with indoor/outdoor RustOleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze paint because it just seemed nicer to have them painted.

Here is it erected in the garden. Joe buried pieces about 1 foot under the ground.  We used white kitchen string to loop over the top for each plant to use as a climbing method.  The string was tied to a metal stake placed right next to the plant for additional support.  Joe mixed in several wheel barrels of compost from our compost bin first and tilled the soil.

Here's a side angle. Hopefully this will provide at least 8 hours of sunlight to the plants.

We ran a drip irrigation hose through the plants to save water and to avoid getting the leaves wet which causes more pests. We will also be able to utilize our rain barrel water more this year because we invested in a nice galvanized 2 gallon watering can.  That makes me very happy.

This is a shot of our lettuce.

This is our pepper plant which hopefully will give us lots of green peppers this summer.

Here is our little baby lemon cucumber plant. We started them as seeds inside and transplanted them to the garden.

We decided to plant our basil in a big pot because they seem to do much better in a container.

And one pretty shot of our azaleas on our porch. We love the bright pop of pink color from our front window. Azaleas do really well in the South and appear all over the place in the spring time.

Have you started your kitchen garden yet?  What things will you be planting? Did you build a trellis for your vine plants?  We love to hear what other people are doing with their gardens.
Happy Growing!


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