Friday, April 27, 2012

Joe's low-key 33rd

Joe celebrated his 33rd birthday last weekend. It was VERY low key, since I had my sewing class the night of his birthday.  We had about 15 minutes together from the time he got home from work until I left for class.  However we did go out for a nice Indian food dinner at Tandoor in Chapel Hill. The restaurant had delicious food and awesome decor.  On Thursdays they have Bollywood night. I definitely want to go back for that.

On his actual birthday he came home to a little pile of gifts from me and one from his parents on the bottom.

As I said, he only had 15 minutes to eat and blow out his candles so you can see here that he had to blow out his cheese cake candles before he started eating. I just wanted to make sure that happened before I left. I made a quick dinner which included his favorite appetizer, steamed artichoke, spaghetti and salad. Oh and I couldn't forgot to include some beer!  As you can see things aren't fancy around here, since I have to feed three small children at the same time!  Although I probably could have maybe put out a placemat for Joe or maybe a table cloth.  Oh well.

I got Joe a few books, Family Legacy and The Electric Cool-aid Acid Test, a C.D. by the Minutemen, and the new Super Mario Bros. game on Wii that I found used at Best Buy.  And no birthday would be complete unless you got silicone ice cube trays shaped like fangs. Yeah we are weird like that. Don't you think they will be awesome at our next Halloween party?  Oh, forgot to mention what was in that big box. Joe got some fancy slip-on shoes for the summer from his parents. I was supposed to pick out nice sandals, but Joe has to wear close-toed shoes to work, so sandals were not an option for him. And he's usually bare foot on the weekends. That's how Hawaiians roll.   Can't forget to mention that he got two seasons of the Simpsons on DVD from my parents and a summer membership for the YMCA from his parents.

That concludes my birthday celebration for Joe. But look what his best friend Josh sent:  Yes. That's a signed Kevin Smith toy.  Awesome.

A book called Holy Terror. This one's too violent for the kids, but Joe's in love.

Garbage Pail Kids Flashback cards. Should we open them?

Klean Kanteen water bottle with optional sports lid. Joe rides the bus to and from work, so this is great for his backpack. 

Last, but not least "The Original Fighting Robots!" Rock'em Sock'em Robots! Can I just say this has been a hit with the the kids. See below.

That's how my children roll. Naked Rock'em Sock'em Robots matches are the best! They will hate me later for this pic!

Joe had a Lovely birthday celebration. So thank you for everyone who helped make it special.


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