Monday, April 2, 2012

Possini my little bambini

This Possini aluminum ceiling fixture also from Lamps Plus had me at hello. It's a very modern take on a lotus flower.  The light gently shines through its petals.

Joe lovingly installed it for us in the dining room. We got a crazy deal on it from Lamps Plus along with our other fixture seen here.

He removed our old fixture. This is a shot after he removed two of the alabaster shades, he was quicker than me.

This shot makes it look rather small, but proportionally it works in the room. We love how the silver finish mimics the stenciled wall and the shiny gray chairs.  We also love how the modern fixture juxtaposes the old table and hutch, and chairs. Bringing something very modern into an otherwise vintage space creates interest and breaks up monotony.    I really need to get some art for the stenciled add some color to the room. After my son knocked down my big Paris Cafe print, it's been bare for a while. I'm thinking I could pick up something cool from the Scrap Exchange. I've seen killer large scale posters there for less than $5.

My kids think the light looks like a flower on the moon. Or some kind of UFO. I can see that.

This is a view from the living room looking into the dining room. It's my shiny little flower dangling from the sky. :)

Have you hung any new light fixtures recently?  Did you love the new look it brought to your room? Was it complicated like ours were? Needing new wiring for example? 

Happy Monday ya'll!


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