Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kitchen appliances

One of the first things we replaced when we moved in were our kitchen appliances. They didn't have much life left in them. The dishwasher seen here looked like this:

It was dirty and rusty on the inside and it wasn't doing a great job of cleaning the dishes.  We knew we wanted stainless steel appliances, and found a great deal on them at Lowes.  They delivered the appliances for free and installed the fridge and oven. We installed the dishwasher ourselves because they couldn't get behind the counters and it would void any warranties if they did it. So Joe turned off the power to the house and removed this baby and installed the new one. It was quite the ordeal hooking up all the hardware and plumbing.

Here is our old oven in a lovely bisque color.  This worked fine so we sold it on craiglist.  The lovely gentleman picked it up too, so I didn't have to do any work. Gotta love that.

Here is the new and improved oven:

Here is our old fridge. It probably would have been fine for a while, but it had frozen ants in it, the water mechanism was broken, and all of the metal in the fridge was rusted.  It would have been a great diet plan to keep this fridge since opening it made me lose my appetite. But I really did want to look in a fridge and feel comfortable putting food in it.

Here is a our new beautiful fridge. I realize it looks cluttered in this pic, so I have since removed all the stuff and kept a few favorites and placed them on the side of the fridge.

We have thoroughly enjoyed  having new appliaces. They really do add an instant update to any kitchen.


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