Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sites around Durham

On a casual drive home from school one day I decided to pull out my camera which happened to be in the car and take some snap shots around Durham. There is some fun architecture in this city and lots of old brick buildings and older homes. So let's pretend you're in the car with me driving around Durham. Here is a glimpse of what you'd see.

Nomadic Trading Company store front:

Green Horizon store front:

Side of a building showing a cool black painted cityscape:

Kings burger joint:

Manbites Dog Theater:

Old dilapidated store near my son's school:


Not sure what's in here, but I liked the rounded facade of the brick:

Liggett & Meyers Tobacco Company billboard:

Cool old house:

This was probably once a house, but is now a law firm:

Old white Southern house:

Very cool Red painted craftsman style house:

Wonder when this dates back to?

Another one story typical looking Durham home:

These were once military houses, turned into quaint rentals:

I think this is a dental office:

Another brick law firm:

The old tobacco warehouses in downtown Durham. #24:

This was taken at night. The Peabody Place, which includes Parker and Otis and Isley Hawkins Architecture firm:

A night time shot of Brightleaf Sqaure, a fun downtown area surrounded by old Tobacco Warehouses turned into Restaurants and stores. That night they had a band playing in the center with lots of people enjoying the night life:

There you have it, fun photography while driving around Durham. Hope you enjoyed this little tour of our town!

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