Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 4 of photography

Week 4's assignment for Photography was this: 

Take 2 almost identical pictures of a row of subjects (ex. cars in parking lot). Set camera to 80mm. Focus on the closest subject about 5-10 feet away. Go to Aperture Priority and set the aperture to the widest opening then do the same pic at the smallest opening.  

So below I have two sets of photos showing the assignment.  I went to one of my favorite hang outs, the fabric store. LOL.

This photo was shot at 55m on AV (aperature priority setting) and F stop 36.

This one shot at 55mm, AV F stop 5.6. You can see that the depth of field opens up and focuses on things in the distance.

Here are some colorful spools of thread. This was taken at 55m, AV at F stop 36.

This is at 55m, AV with F stop 5.6.

This coming Saturday is our location shoot at Duke Gardens, so I should I have some pretty good photos for next week to share with you.


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Sarni said...

Wow, that is really a dramatic difference. Thanks for teaching us too!

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