Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quick porch updates

Before things get ugly and creapy around here with October shortly upon us, I thought I would have some cheery and fun things to spruce up our entry way beforehand. We've been enjoying these little updates since the beginning of September when I knew my daughter's birthday was just around the corner. We wanted things to look nice out there and never really did any updating since our house was painted just a few months ago. 

So while on a trip to Lowes to look for flowers, I found a few other things that I thought would be nice for our front porch.  Check out this adorable vintage bicycle on a mat! I just love everything about it. The dark background, with the cute green bird and "hello" and of course the bicycle complete with basket.  It really did have me at hello.  And for $12 bucks at Lowes it was worth it.

I decided that the pink petunias had seen their last days, so I got purple and white petunias for my porch pot. That one little red one snuck up on me.

I switched out my hanging planter with dead flowers for my glass mosaic lantern. This does the trick for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. No need to worry about plants that don't survive the winter and I get to have a pretty candle burning on cold winter nights.  I love the sparkle it brings to our front porch.

And what goes so well with our yellow front door? Yellow Mums of course!  These pretty babies were just $1.47 at Lowes.  I needed two to fill the pot.

These were a little splurge. They are perrenials and are a type of phlox. They need lots of sunlight so not sure how they will survive flanking our steps but we shall see.  Gosh, and it looks like we have some touch ups to do on our porch.

And look at all that beautiful black mulch.  I bought two bags to fill in around our front plants and it really feels finished now.

Just two weeks left until October is here! Can you believe it?  We are uber excited here at the Peahen Pad!
Have you spruced up your front porch for the upcoming Fall season? We would love to see photos.


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