Monday, September 24, 2012

Buh Bye Bifolds

We've been having a problem here at Peahen Pad ever since we installed our new floors.  Since the floors became a different height it threw off our bifold doors in our washing machine area. They literally have not been able to shut correctly and were really misaligned.   And if you see here in this pic, they really stick out when they are opened and cause a "flow" problem from the laundry area to the outdoors.

Here's the other view and you can also see how they impose on the back door and make it impossible to put the deadbolt on.  I am always doing laundry, so this became a huge problem to me, plus they literally didn't close correctly.  So off them came!

When they came down they left this little line at the top of the molding that needed to be sanded, holes needed repair, and it needed to be painted.  So guess what I did? Yep, all three of those things.

But it only took me about an hour to make it look like this.  You can still see a little line, but it will be hidden when I cover it with a shower curtain. So yeah, I decided that a shower curtain rod would be the best way for me to hang curtains because I can use the tension rod instead of drilling holes.

I had these Linen curtains with grommet holes already on hand, yay!  They were perfect for the job. The rod came from TJ Maxx for just $14. It's a nice oil rubbed bronze color.

Ah, I just love the way it looks now and so much less imposing than those opened bifold doors. They are puddling on the floor just a tad now, but thankfully when I find some cute tie backs, it won't be a problem at all.

And another view from the living room.  It really makes a difference to me having these pretty curtains that I can totally shut when I want them to be or open when I'm doing laundry, which is most of the time, but now I can lock the back door and walk through with no problems. Oh and no more pinched baby fingers in those bifold doors. :)

Have you tried hanging curtains in your laundry room instead of doors?  What did you think?  Did it work for the long haul? Happy Monday and happy laundry day for me!


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