Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Week 3 of photography

This week's photography assignment:

Auto  vs. Night Time Portrait: Your subject should be no more than 10 feet  away from you. Take a photo of an interesting lit background. Make sure the background is at LEAST 20 yards away from your subject and not standing under the background lights. Do two same exact compositions.  One with Auto and one with Night Time Portrait. Be very still or use a tripod and make sure your subject is still too!

So here we go again with my male model. Of course smoking cause that's how he rolls. Now remember kids, smoking is bad for you.

Here is my Night Time Portrait shot. You can see that this setting accounts for the interesting lights in the background as well as lights up my subject.

Here is my Auto focus shot. My subject is illuminated, but the background is dark. 

I have 6 more weeks of photography and hopefully lots of more subjects and interesting things to shoot.   See you next week for more photography fun!


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