Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week 2 of photography

This week's assignment - Take a photo of something vertically and take the same shot horizontally. Pretty vague right? Since we just learned about portrait taking I figured I would try my hand at some portraits of a friend.  He was willing to come out with me to Wood Lake just right down the road and be my muse.  He was even willing to take off his shirt. What a good sport.  And so it goes this blog won't let me post vertical photos, so I posted two horizontal photos for you.

These next two are just some pretty views from where we were shooting (just down the street.)

None of my photos are photoshopped, edited, or cropped. Just raw images. I hope I can make it to class on Monday because Joe will be out of town and I need to find a baby sitter. Otherwise these photos will just end up not being seen by my teacher. So off I go to find a baby sitter so I can attend class on Monday!


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