Monday, September 17, 2012

Vintage Paper Doll Party

My baby girl just celebrated the big SECOND birthday so we decided to throw her a Vintage Paper Doll and tea party.  Here I strung Betsy Mccall paper doll clothes to a "clothes line."  Her party got rained out, so we held it inside. Otherwise these would look so cute outside where clothes go to dry.

I created these tissue pom poms using the same technique as last year but this time I clustered them together over the fireplace.


Here's a view of the mantle. I hung her birthday banner on the fireplace. To see how I created this go here.

Candy-filled apothecary jars donned the mantle. We put old-fashioned candy in them like salt water taffy, licorice and meringues.

I found these cute reusable bags at Michaels. I love that the girls can use them to help at the grocery store or to tote fake fruit and veggies when playing "house."

Inside the goodie bags were Snackwell cookies, salt water taffy, old fashioned lolly pops, paper doll cut outs, a pretty big ring, and an iron-on vintage doll with instructions.

These cute colorful "orbs" were found on clearance at Home Goods from Martha Stewart. Joe was nice enough to assemble them for me. It was pretty straight forward.

Two small and four large ones were in the package for around $3.99. Not bad.

The same paper dolls were glued to twine and strung across the back window. There were going to be outside but the silly rain came.

I wanted to create fun and festive party hats that were handmade to go along with the vintage theme. Here is the tutorial on how I created them. The kids LOVED them.

Isn't she lovely in her party hat?

Here's her brother showing off his hat. He seriously loved it.

Here is the cake I made for my sweet daughter.  It was my first time using Fondant, which went surprisingly well. Simply roll it out and apply! The pink bow on top was pretty easy, but make sure to wear gloves when working in the food coloring. It really does stain your hands! The pennant flag was super easy to make and I can post a tutorial for that later.

In addition to the cake I also made 24 vanilla cupcakes with butter cream frosting. I use a baker's recipe that always is a crowd pleaser. Since I had too many paper doll cut outs I glued some of them to tooth picks and inserted them into the cupcakes. The white doilies are from Martha Stewart and I also found them at Home Goods.

These cute sugar cone holders were on sale at Michaels and thought they would be fun outside with ice cream. The kids enjoyed them inside anyway.

The dessert table with the drink station on the kitchen counter.

For brunch we served pumpkin scones, veggie fritatas, German potato pancakes, lots of fresh fruit, Orange juice, lemonade, coffee, and tea. 

When guests arrived the tea party started. I used wrapping paper over an old table that Joe built and a little ceramic tea set. My kids loved it.

On the craft room table I had more paper doll cut outs for the girl's to decorate and cut out.

For a game we played pin the dress on the doll. Most of the older kids were blind folded but Emmeline got a chance without it.

We decided to do a photo booth, which would have been so great outside, but we made do in the dining room with our props. Here's my oldest holding up the sign to the "photo booth."

He was the first to go with the props. Someone else held up his "lips" then he got the hang of it.

All of the guests had so much playing and posing with the props. I found them online here, here, and here. I used 12" wooden dowels and hot glue to attach the cut outs to the dowels.

After the game and photo taking it was time for cake. Here is my sweet E.claire wondering if she'll also get a piece of cake in addition to her ice cream and cupcake. I love that little girl.

Thanks for checking out her party.  I'm still working on old party photos so stay tuned!


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Sarni said...

Miss E-C, what a lovely party your momma made for you! So glad to see all the wonderful photos! oxoxoxoxoo

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